Manufacturing Mindset around COVID-19, Digitalisation and Recruitment

The effects of COVID-19 have created a negative or positive impact across every industry.

My focus today examines the impact within the Manufacturing Sector.

Speaking with a senior figure within the Food & Drink industry. An unprecedented event occurred
when the factory had an outbreak of COVID-19 and had to close its premises for
a short period of time.

The impact has seen any profitability disappear is what was already a LEAN and highly competitive industry.

The immediate effect has seen people lose their jobs, disruption to business growth and had an
impact on people, confidence, and business moral.

Speaking with another Senior HR Professional. The business just reported a 33% growth on sales and
fantastic outlook within their manufacturing offering.

This opportunity has seen the organisation acquire a new business, create more jobs. Plus, their plans
to grow their market share and geographical footprint in providing more opportunities
for customers, service suppliers and people looking for work.

Create a positive mindset is easier said than done depending on your own personal or business circumstances.

While sectors like aviation and events have suffered dramatically, manufacturing has come out of
the eye of the crisis with a few silver linings in tow.

That’s not to say that British factories haven’t struggled throughout this period; you’d be hard
pressed to find a manufacturer that hasn’t faced some difficult choices over
the course of the year. But this transition OR Re-set has ultimately led to
many opportunities or changes within their operations.

I’ve always been a big fan of technology, people and manufacturing.

Digitisation has been a long-time goal for many manufacturers. Yet, for
those with an ageing workforce who are perhaps more likely to be sceptical
about new technology – and prospects who weren’t sure the investment would pay
off – uptake has been slow. (Sound familiar)?

However, the onset of lockdown saw restrictions from mandatory remote
working to limits on how many people can be in one area at a time to enable
social distancing. (This event has accelerated change FAST as a pre-requisite
to what is classed the new normal).

Manufacturing isn’t just machine powered; it’s people powered, too. So,
what happens when those people are told to stay home? OR when factories close
for a period.

Technology now, plays a major role in digitisation many processes in the
management of performance, JIT and progress. But it also requires a mindset
shift to catch up with the New Normal.

In a matter of days, weeks, months. Manufacturers had to develop
strategies of striking the balance between more traditional factory set-ups and
the new opportunities, incorporating the benefits of this sudden digital
acceleration while retaining the perks of having human staff on the floor.

The human versus machine debate also affects recruitment. It might be
more difficult or more expensive to find staff who are well versed in any new
implemented technologies, but could the very nature of those systems make it

With remote working enabled, manufacturers are free to choose from a
much wider pool of talent – something that is especially relevant to the
industry given its often isolated site locations.

The proposition of a truly flexible role in a field that used to be the
very opposite could be a big pull. Combine this with manufacturing’s relative
stability compared to other industries and it’s not difficult to see why the
sector is reputationally bouncing back to be considered a solid place to be
employed and do business – which, in turn, causes a surge in fresh blood to
drive digital change. (Mindset shift)

With so much digital growth and opportunity in the industry,

it’s hard to see why manufacturers didn’t start embarking on
digital transformation plans sooner.

So much investment is required for digitalisation
within your business. However, your people and recruitment strategy does not
have to be.

For a LEAN Recruitment transformation, that will
save you Time, Resources and Costs.

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