International Women’s Day (March 8th) is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. CEO & Founder of local recruitment business Talento, Ross Cunningham reflects on an influential female leader and celebrates women in leadership.

Leadership plays an important role in both my personal and professional life.

“International Woman’s Day” is very important to me and is celebrated within our business culture and part of our business philosophy.

The theme for International Woman’s Day is “Woman in leadership” I have been blessed with many great leaders throughout my working career. To celebrate International Woman’s Day. I would love to share a story with you.

Great people who believe in you

Back in 2002, I was inspired to join a team which was led by Dorothy Hewat. During these 5 years. Dorothy created a platform for me to not only grow but to realise my full potential.

When it comes to leadership, personal development, and growth. You need great people who believe in you and support you on your journey.

Without this leadership – where would I be today?

‘equal rights for all globally’

Women deserve an equal future in an ever-changing world. A future that is sustainable, peaceful and with equal rights for all globally. To get us there, the world needs women at every table where key decisions are being made.

Together, let’s celebrate the tremendous efforts of women and be leaders in creating a platform for an equal future for future growth.

Ross Cunningham | Founder & CEO

About Talento

Talento is on a mission to power business growth in manufacturing by connecting people and elevating careers. Their vision is to help build a workforce that transforms the future of manufacturing by connecting exceptional people with exceptional businesses.

Founded in 2018, Talento is first and foremost a recruitment partner. But they’re so much more than just recruiters. Not only do they find, place and onboard exceptional Operations and Management talent for their customers, but through training and job creation, they empower their customers and their team to harness their skills, elevate their career and power massive business growth. Their business is centred around the individual and their contributions. That’s what makes them different.