Talent and recruitment trends are now accelerating change at an incredible pace. What is your strategy in 2021?

Talent & Recruitment trends are now accelerating change at an incredible pace.

 We want to ensure your business strategy is covered in 2021.

 As we look at your business demands in 2021, there are 3 key areas we would highly recommend you explore, to provide you, your team, and your organisation the greatest opportunity to succeed.

1st Key Recommendation – The GAME as we know it, has changed forever. In a highly competitive talent market. An employer’s brand is crucial in attracting the very best talents. Organisations with excellent employer brands receive 50% more qualified applicants. Having a great employer brand image not only attracts great people, but more customers and opportunities too.

2nd Key Recommendation – Another huge importance is driving an attractive EVP – Employee Value Proposition. An effective EVP integrates employee engagement and reduces cost, time and resources wasted on employee attraction and retention models within your organisation structures.

These two recommendations are paramount to reducing budgets on recruitment spends & huge costs saving on retention of key skills and talents with your teams and organisations.

3rd Key Recommendation – Data-driven recruitment and talent acquisition tactics 2021.

Using Data-Driven metrics is essential to drive your recruitment strategy and plans for 2021. Accessing the hottest, most powerful recruitment tools in creating more effective planned decisions will enable or disable your recruitment strategies in 2021.

Sources of DATA allow you and your organisation to make more informed decisions, prior, during and post human interaction.

HR Analytics to only enable valuable insights within the decisions making process but can also save huge costs I future planning of your recruitment strategies in 2021.

We fully understand resources are being stretched. Employee Morale is been challenged daily and adopting all the new technology can be mouth watering OR daunting challenge.

Hey, don’t despair. We can support you today.

From the 3 questions presented to stimulate thinking and planning 2021;

  1. What is your recruitment demands in 2021? (Any bottlenecks / Challenges / Success, Trends)
  2. Are you using DATA Metrics to enable greater informed decisions? (Enhance Recruitment Strategy)
  3. If you did not have to worry about your recruitment attraction strategy and had more time and resource to focus more in developing your EVP and Employer Brand. What would the upside by to you and your organisation?

Finally, we open the opportunity to learn more about your thinking and plans for 2021.

Thanks for very much for your time and input to the above questions.